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iMindfulness – On The Go

iMindfulness – On The Go



Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to this moment in your life in an alert and aware way.

iMindfulness on-the-Go is an App specially designed for you to use when you are travelling or commuting on a train, tube or bus, as these are often times when you are rushed, stressed or you feel that time is being wasted. This App also includes a Walking Meditation to use when going to work or to a specific destination as well as an unusual one that can be read prior to you setting off on a Bike Ride. These meditations help you to build a mindful approach and to take it with you wherever you go.


Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation develops resilience, focus and greater clarity of what is happening within you and around you. It helps to lower your stress levels, it encourages you to keep perspective and it creates a feeling of quietness and stability within an every-changing world.


With this app you get:
·  Breathing Short
·  Walking Meditation
·  Body Focus Short
·  On Your Bike
·  Bell Meditation



Physical and emotional health

Mindfulness meditation has an ever-growing pool of research evidence to support its use in diverse fields. Its benefits are found in areas of physical and emotional health, such as:

·  stress
·  anxiety and/or depression
·  trauma
·  relationships
·  parenting and care-giving
·  dealing with the symptoms associated with cancer
·  pain management
·  substance misuse
·  the workplace – absenteeism, concentration, productivity, creativity, focus
·  workplace leadership – clarity, focus, better judgement


It can cover so many areas as it is an approach to life that focuses on you as an individual rather than it being an intervention or set up as a cure or magic wand.
The more you do it the greater the benefits as it alters your mind-set and attitude as well as rewiring your brain.




Mindfulness on the go

Mindfulness on the go

Use the app when you are travelling or commuting on a train, tube or bus.

Set a reminder

Set a reminder

Keep up the good spirit and set a regular reminder on your mindfulness session.

Learn more about mindfulness

Learn more about mindfulness

Immerse yourself in information about mindfulness.

Meditation speaks

Plug in your headphones and listen to the meditation speaks


List showing the meditation sessions available


Set a reminder to keep up the good spirit


Immerse yourself in information about mindfulness.

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